Script Notes

Includes detailed overall and page notes on your script (minimum 5 pages), plus a 60-minute call to discuss the notes. Revised draft notes available at a reduced rate, depending on the extent of revisions.

  • One-hour Television Pilot (50 – 65 pages): $300
  • Half-hour Television Pilot (30 – 40 pages): $200
  • Feature (up to 125 pages): $450
  • Pilot Outline (includes call and written notes): $150
Pitch Notes

Includes detailed notes on concept, pilot summary, characters, season arcs, themes, etc. and a call to discuss the notes. PLUS, I will email you the pitch template that agencies, studios and networks use, but most beginner writers don’t know about.

  • Notes on 2-3 page brief pitch document (what you would submit to Stage 32 or Roadmap Writers, for example) and 30-minute call: $150
  • Notes on “real-world” pitch document (what you would submit to producers or studios) up to 15 pages and 60-minute call: $300
Ongoing Mentoring
Receive 6 months of individual mentoring designed to guide you through developing an original television series idea, writing a pilot script and a pitch bible. $1,475. Payment plan available.
The program includes:
  • 6 phone or Zoom sessions to discuss your project, from an initial strategy discussion to development, outline and script feedback, pitch bible feedback and practice pitch session. Individual writing instruction in the areas you most need addressed. Mentoring regarding your brand strategy and career questions. Ideally these sessions will be spaced out monthly to keep you on track over six months.
  • Written notes on 1 outline, 3 drafts of your script (or partial script), and 2 drafts of your pitch (or partial pitch).
  • 5 proprietary handouts to help you get organized, plus example documents.
  • Email access throughout to ask questions.
Pitch Rehearsal


Ready to pitch but not quite ready to face executives in a room? You need a pitch rehearsal! I am your “friendly audience!” Give me your 15-20 minute pitch and I will give you feedback. Not the “thank you so much for coming in, we will let you know” feedback, but what they will say after you leave the room, based on my experience hearing and giving hundreds of pitches. You only get one shot at this – shouldn’t you invest in making it count? One-hour Zoom meeting: $150.

General Consultation

Discuss questions about your project specifically or about industry trends generally. You can email questions in advance to allow me to prepare answers, if you choose. One-hour phone call or Zoom meeting: $150.