Script Notes

Includes detailed overall and page notes on your script (minimum 5 pages), plus a 60-minute call to discuss the notes. Revised draft notes available at a reduced rate, depending on the extent of revisions.

  • TV Drama Pilot (one-hour): $250
  • TV Comedy Pilot (half-hour): $125
  • Feature (up to 125 pages): $400

I can also give you notes on a spec episode for a fellowship application. However if I am not familiar with the show you are writing for, I will need to spend time watching at least 3-4 episodes before giving notes, and that takes time.

  • Drama Spec on shows I watch: $150
  • Drama Spec where I need to watch episodes: $350
  • Comedy Spec on shows I watch: $75
  • Comedy Spec where I need to watch episodes: $175
Pitch Notes

Includes detailed notes on concept, pilot summary, characters, season arcs, themes, etc. and a call to discuss the notes. PLUS, I will email you the pitch template that agencies, studios and networks use, but most beginner writers don’t know about.

  • Notes on 2-3 page brief pitch document (what you would submit to Stage 32 or Roadmap Writers, for example) and 30-minute call: $125
  • Notes on “real-world” pitch document (what you would submit to producers or studios) up to 15 pages and 60-minute call: $250
Pitch Rehearsal


Ready to pitch but not quite ready to face executives in a room? You need a pitch rehearsal! I am your “friendly audience!” Give me your 15-20 minute pitch and I will give you feedback. Not the “thank you so much for coming in, we will let you know” feedback, but what they will say after you leave the room, based on my experience hearing and giving hundreds of pitches. You only get one shot at this – shouldn’t you invest in making it count? One-hour Skype call: $75. In-person meeting in Los Angeles at a mutually convenient location: $175.


Have a writers’ group? I will come to you (in person or via Skype) and teach a class. You pick the topics, which can include, among others:

  • Broadcast / Cable / Streaming audiences – who watches and why
  • Developing with a programming perspective – network identities and needs, competitive development
  • The development cycle – from pitch to show, the roles of production companies, studios and networks
  • Genres of network shows and content restrictions
  • Structure of a pitch – why you why now, logline, world building, characters we want to invite into our living room, a story engine that can sustain 100 episodes, season arcs, themes, tone & style
  • Packaging and IP – attracting showrunners, producers, and talent, and the value of an underlying property
  • Writing your spec pilot –
    • Comedy, drama and dramedy
    • Length and act breaks
    • Setting up characters and multiple plotlines
    • Likable vs. relatable characters
    • Ensemble vs. star
    • From teaser to final act – how to avoid a failure to launch
    • Showing and telling
    • Exposition and narration
    • Rules of the universe
    • Research!
    • Budget considerations
    • Setting and tax incentives
    • Diversity
  • Two-hour workshop: $60 per person, 5 writers minimum
  • Individual 30-minute pitch sessions after the workshop: $30 per person, sign up in advance to give me your pitch and receive feedback
  • Two-hour personal workshop – one-on-one discussion about the industry, you pick the topics and send me questions via email which I will answer in person or via Skype : $400
Editing / Proofreading

Hourly rates based on page count. Discounts available for combinations of services!

If you have a specific request, please contact us for a consultation.